Still to do:

  1. Expression pedals – How to do the volume pedal function.
  2. How to do the tap tempo function in Arduino.
  3. Laser cut new text for each button.

Finish and/or tested:

  1. On/Off – Mod, Delay, Reverb, Chorus, PCM 1, PCM 2, Normal pickup, MFX.
  2. Boost – Will send CC#21. (Changed from 80 to 21.)
  3. Tap tempo – I now know how to calculate the tempo and how to send them to the GR-55.
  4. Put the metall housing together.
  5. Mount all parts in housing.
  6. Solder all leds and buttons.
  7. Test the multiplexer.
  8. Test the neopixel leds.
  9. Code the mute function.
  10. Code the Hold function.
  11. Code the Boost function.
  12. Solder Midi-connection to the Arduino Uno and to the chassi.
  13. Read the current patch and set the button state.
  14. Read the Min/Max of Assign 1 and compare it to the normal pickup volume. This is for the boost function.
  15. Code Bank UP and Bank Down.
    (Strange way to change bank and patch noticed.)