Still to do:

  1. Expression pedals – How to do the volume pedal function.
  2. Write the complete code in Arduino.
  3. How to do the tap tempo function in Arduino. 

Finish or tested:

  1. On/Off – Mod, Delay, Reverb, Chorus, PCM 1, PCM 2, Normal pickup, MFX.
  2. Boost – Will send CC#80.
  3. Mute – I will first save the status (on/off) of all souces and save them to a variable. When Unmute I will turn them on again.
  4. Tap tempo – I now know how to calculate the tempo and how to send them to the GR-55.
  5. Put the metall housing together.
  6. Mount all parts in housing.
  7. Solder all leds and buttons.
  8. Test the multiplexer.
  9. Test the neopixel leds.